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Profile : Lea Nugent AHO

Hello, my name is Lea Nugent. I operate the Caring Transitions online store - LexingtonKY - and provide help to Seniors and their families needing assistance coping with senior moving, downsizing and estate sales in the greater Lexington, Kentucky area.

My focus for each client is to minimize their stress and maximize their returns while helping meet their specific liquidation objectives. 

Then my other important "clients' - are all my "shoppers"!  In order to help my downsizing clients, I need a strong store and loyal shoppers.  I have developed my Caring Transitions Facebook page as the avenue to communicate with our shoppers.  We need our tried and true estate sale shoppers, as well as another untapped group - those young professionals who are into vintage, unique, repurposed/recycled items.  Help share the word to all your friends and family.

Please visit my homepage to see what else is scheduled in the Lexington area.  We also host estate sales in homes and at our warehouse located at 1411 Delaware Avenue. Lea Nugent is a licensed Kentucky Principal Auctioneer.

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